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Long overshadowed by its neighbors such as Mexico and Costa Rica where mass tourism is now the norm, Panama has been relatively unknown except to travelers with special interests such as world record deep sea fishing, birding, river rafting and rain forest experiences. All these exciting opportunities together with gorgeous beaches and great surfing, kayaking and diving, ensure Panama has something for everyone. It has an interesting cultural background, from indigenous peoples (still in evidence) to the history of conquistadors and now a modern society with infrastructure that is world-class.

75-80 million Baby Boomers will reach retirement age in the next 10 years in the U.S. alone. U.S. Government statistics show that most of them will not be able to sustain their current standard of living by relying on savings, assets or pensions. More than ever before, U.S. baby boomers are considering retirement outside the U.S. Having traveled far more extensively and being more active and adventurous than previous generations, they are also identifying the need to maximize their diminishing retirement incomes, so the idea of overseas retirement is appealing to many. Discovering a less stressful environment also has a definite allure!

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La Joya de Panama – Torio, Panama.
Thank you for your interest in our beautiful property La Joya de Panama in Torio Panama. Torio is on the west coast of the Azuero Peninsula and is a 4.5 hours drive from Panama City on almost all modern highway. The area is untouched by development of any significance and is a prime location for investment as well as retirement or second homes. La Joya de Panama is a 1250 acre development that offers a resort style, amenity driven, yet peaceful environment.


We have put on hold our development and marketing plans in this region on the Azuero Peninsula while we focus our marketing development efforts in Pedasi on the East side.

We love the West side particularly Torio and Morrillo Beach. Once we fire up our development and marketing plans on the West Side, we will make an announcement.