The Company You Keep

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The Company You Keep

PREF is a multi-dimensional real estate development and investment company that focuses its business and investment opportunities in the United States and Central America. Our company raises investment capital to provide acquisition and development funds for real estate projects across the globe. Collectively we bring over 100 years of experience in global project development, finance, sales and marketing.

Our company has over 100 years combined experience in regional and international real estate acquisitions and development, business development and financial planning. PREF has been active in all areas of residential and mixed use developments, including single-family subdivisions, condominiums, town homes, rental apartment communities, and commercial and retail centers. We have been responsible for design, development, and construction of over
8,000 units at a total cost in excess of $900 million in various regions of the world such as Southern California, Hawaiian Islands, Baja California and Panama.

With offices in Los Angeles, Boston, Panama City and on site at developments in the Azuero Peninsula Panama, PREF brings an unmatched blend of  management talent that covers all development disciplines. The Principals of PREF have been active in Panamanian developments for a decade and are land owners and have homes in Panama. They have teamed up with top flight local Panamanian community leaders, consultants and legal talent that ensures a full
understanding of how the country operates. PREF Panamanian Partners will share in the upside of these endeavors and share our visions and goals.

A unique concept requires a unique team. We have brought together a group of world-class dreamers, innovators and creators to bring the concept of La Joya de Panama to reality. Feel free to spend some time on each partners web site to learn about the special strengths they each bring to the project.

At ima, we are artists and business people. We have a gift of imagining beauty and crafting opportunities. We approach each assignment with a contagious enthusiasm. We bring depth of experience, from large-scale master planning and engineering, to product selection and site placement.

Landscape architecture is a professional discipline that combines the beauty of the natural environment with an ability to improve the communities and places where people congregate, interact and live. Our work amazes and entertains thousands of people a day.

We thrive in collaboration and are energized by new ideas. Our designs feature a strong concept, a good idea and a little soul. That’s why they endure and improve over time. And, that’s why our prestigious clients keep coming back.

We don’t believe in form without substance. Our work addresses not only site function, but also a greater, more spiritual element. We believe that landscape architecture enriches the human experience by making people feel good about their surroundings and in turn, about themselves. Imagine, if everyone felt better about themselves, how much more receptive and open they would be to explore and participate in a community experience whether in a shopping mall, a downtown streetscape or a tropical resort. And we believe if everyday our plazas, gardens and streetscapes move just a few people toward goodness, then we have truly succeeded.

Studio-195 is a California based practice providing design and planning services for projects worldwide, ranging from Residential, Hospitality, Recreational and Resort to Mixed use.

As a firm, what has brought us together is an innate urge for originality and a global experience with sensitivity to cultural, social, geographical, and technological aspects of modern lifestyle. Studio-195 is a dynamic team of visionaries, constantly searching to evolve, inspire and be inspired. We offer UNCOMPROMISED QUALITY AND COMMITMENT TO ENRICH PEOPLE’S LIVES THROUGH TIMELESS, INNOVATIVE AND SOULFUL DESIGNS.

We work alongside specialty consulting teams to ensure wholly integrated design solutions. The culture of our practice is open and interactive, cultivating a transparent, fun and inspiring work environment . Our positive and collaborative energy is fueled by a strong sense of responsibility and devotion to rise above the norm.

Ecore Energy Company was founded by a group of experienced and dedicated developers who want to DO SOMETHING about these rising global “trends.” People, communities, and governments at all levels throughout the world, no matter their origin, are seeking solutions to these “trends” that are environmentally safe yet sensible, practical yet sustainable, and affordable yet efficient.

With a BOLD Vision and Mission, the Company has set out to accomplish just that, to reverse these growing global “trends” by integrating innovative, evolutionary and new sustainable technologies with new “Imagineering” land planning designs THAT WILL shift the paradigm and architecture of how “Communities of the Future” are developed and built.

People who live and work in La Joya de Panama will live and work in homes and buildings that are built out of sustainable materials that are energy efficient and can be built quickly and affordably, and each residence, commercial building, and retail structure will have its own Net Zero Energy Solution, whereby renewable energy (electricity) is generated, stored and distributed effectively and efficiently by the inhabitant of the structure. In addition to other energy efficient solutions such as waste to energy technologies and climate & power control solutions, the Punta LA Jolla will also enjoy the highest quality of clean drinking water and organic varietal food farming.

PREF Real Estate Developers and Ecore Energy, is eager to bring over 40 years of building mixed‐use master planned communities in Southern California to the shores of Panama. We have assembled 1250 acres of distinctive property, on which to build a mixed‐use, master planned “Community of the Future,” using the most innovative and dynamic sustainable technology solutions in the market; proven to be efficient, reliable and cost effective.

Together we will create an Enjoyably Smart, Life Sustaining, and Fully Integrated Master Planned “Community of the Future,”

Ray Hart brings over 40 years of architectural experience to his design work. Having refined his ability to conceptualize and transform his clients’ vision into designs that work aesthetically, functionally and economically.

Ray has been actively involved in the design of both domestic as well as international projects. His creative approach, combined with an exceptional ability to understand his clients goals, enables him to provide designs that have consistently exceed expectations for large scale custom and planned community residential projects including the integrated community related facilities such as club houses.

Many of Ray’s projects have been recipients of prestigious industry awards including, Gold Nugget (Pacific Coast Builders Conference) Community of the Year, Gold Nugget International Merit Award, Mame, NAHB’s (National Association of Home Builders) Domestic and International Best in American Living Awards, as well as Building Industry Community Spirit Award.

Ray and his design team were recipients of Consultant of the Year from the Zhejaing Shaoxing R.E. Co. for the years of 2005 and


We have put on hold our development and marketing plans in this region on the Azuero Peninsula while we focus our marketing development efforts in Pedasi on the East side.

We love the West side particularly Torio and Morrillo Beach. Once we fire up our development and marketing plans on the West Side, we will make an announcement.