La Joya de Panama


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Obviously seeing this remarkable property is crucial in your decision making process. We will being offering regularly scheduled tours of the project. During the tours you will be introduced to Panama City and all it has to offer. Many people are amazed when they see this modern gem in the middle of Central America. After a couple of nights experiencing great food and sites, we will venture out to the Peninsula and make a stop in the closest city to our property, Santiago.

It is the fastest growing city in Panama and it is where you will find all the modern conveniences. A modern hospital, doctors, dentists, banks, super-markets, theaters and retail malls filled with all the familiar stores you know.

Only 45 minutes away you will experience paradise, tucked away from the rest of the world in untouched Torio and La Joya de Panama. We will spend a couple of days on the property enjoying all the activities including horseback riding, fishing, snorkeling, scuba, surfing, island hopping, hiking and exploring our beautiful rivers, waterfall and beaches. Most sites are right on property or a very short drive.

We will enjoy wonderful meals and refreshments every day and we end the last night with a meet your neighbors party where you have the opportunity to meet people from 7 different countries who have chosen Torio and La Joya de Panama for their future home. Discuss life there, what to do, how to do it, anything you want to know. They are excited to see TOTAL progress in the area and make new friends.

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We have put on hold our development and marketing plans in this region on the Azuero Peninsula while we focus our marketing development efforts in Pedasi on the East side.

We love the West side particularly Torio and Morrillo Beach. Once we fire up our development and marketing plans on the West Side, we will make an announcement.